The Marin Specialty Surgery Center offers services for 9 surgical specialties and has proudly cared for over 30,000 patients since 2001.  MSSC is a Limited Partnership comprised of 20 Physicians and general partners Marin General Hospital and Surgical Care Affiliates.

Physician Partners

Mark Bazalgette, MD Sylvia Flores, MD Harry Neuwirth, MD
Patrick Bennett, MD David Galland, MD Michael Oechsel, MD
Robert Byers, MD Jonathan Goff, MD Laura Pak, MD
Tancredi D’Amore, MD David Goltz, MD Arthur Quasha, MD
Russell Davis, DPM Gabriel Kind, MD Ernest Sponzilli, MD
Mark Drucker, DPM Lizellen LaFollette, MD K. Jennifer Voss, MD
Anthony Fedrigo, DPM Khashayar Mohebali, MD