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Spine Care Patients

Before My Procedure

  • Your doctor’s office should have notified you with your procedure date and time of arrival at MSSC.  Normally this time does not change, however you can always call MSSC to confirm your appointment.
  • If you must cancel or delay your procedure, contact your doctor as soon as possible.  If you need to cancel the day of surgery, please call MSSC as well:  415-461-4400.
  • Take some time to read this information and discuss it with your family or friends.  In preparation for your procedure, even though it is elective and may seem “minor”, it is always important to have a support system to call on if needed.
  • Our policies ask you arrange for a responsible adult to take you home from the center if you receive sedation. Your ride should be on hand to help you receive post-procedure instructions, take you home, and be available to your at least overnight after your procedure. You will not be permitted to drive yourself home after receiving sedation for your safety.
  • Our Business Office may contact you to discuss your insurance coverage, and financial responsibilities to Marin Specialty Surgery Center. This conversation will cover co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance payments. Please do not hesitate to ask for clarification on any of these matters during this phone call. NOTE: you will not receive a call if we do not expect you to have a payment due, or have Medicare coverage.                                                                
  • Notify your physician before coming to the center if there is any change in your physical condition, such as flu, fever, infection, or an open sore – especially near your procedure site.
  • Do not eat or drink for 6 hours prior to your procedure time. This includes water, coffee, toast and gum.
  • If you are on anticoagulants/blood thinners (such as Coumadin, Warfarin) you will need to get a protime blood draw 1 business day before your procedure. Please have the lab fax the results to 1-866-425-0414. IF you get it done the morning of your procedure make sure the lab knows that it is a STAT order. If you have any questions regarding this process please contact your doctor’s office.
  • NOTE:  Many patients sign the Patient Acknowledgement Letter in their doctor’s office and they fax it to us. It is important that we receive this Letter before your date of service.

What to Wear/Bring – Dos and Don’ts

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing such as sweat suits and easy to button shirts or blouses that are big enough to accommodate a large dressing after surgery.  Wear comfortable shoes; no high heels, please.
  • Leave all valuables, including jewelry and extra cash, at home.  We cannot be responsible for damaged or lost property.
  • Bring all insurance cards and a government issued photo ID with you to the center.  Also, if your physician requested, bring any paper work, X-rays, etc.
  • If you routinely use insulin or inhalers, please bring them with you.
  • Please bring your contact ride’s name and telephone number where they can be reached.  That way we can communicate with them about the best time for you to be picked up.

When to Arrive

  • Please arrive 45 minutes before your scheduled procedure unless instructed otherwise.

Waiting Room

  • Our Reception Area is comfortable but small.  Your family may wait for you there until your are in recovery. but please understand that we have many patients checking in during the day and the waiting room can get quite crowded.  We recommend that family members leave a phone number at which they can be reached by the nurses once you are in recovery and go for a walk or grab a bite to eat.
  • No Cell Phones, Food or Drink:  For the courtesy of our patients waiting for surgery and visitors, we request that cell phone text tones and ringers are turned off.  If you need to have a conversation or need to smoke, eat or drink; please step outside.  Remember it is very difficult for patients required to fast before surgery to see or smell food.   The Bon Air Shopping Center is next door, if you wish to have a bite to eat or a walk.  http://www.bonair.com/index.shtml

After My Procedure

  • Before you leave the center you will be given written instructions for your care at home
  • After you have returned home, be sure to follow you doctor’s orders regarding diet, rest, medication and activity.  It is not unusual to feel a little sleepy, lightheaded or dizzy for several hours after your procedure.  Do not operate any heavy equipment, sign any important papers or make any significant decisions for at least 24 hours.