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Day of Surgery

Waiting Room

  • Our Reception Area is comfortable but small. Your family may wait for you there until your are in recovery, but please understand that we have many patients checking in during the day and the waiting room can get quite crowded. We recommend that family members leave a phone number at which they can be reached by the nurses once you are in recovery and go for a walk or grab a bite to eat.
  • If your family or friends are staying, please limit it to two people. We certainly understand the need for support and encourage each patient to bring no more than two loved ones with them on the day of surgery.
  • Our Reception Area is not suitable for kids. We understand that children sometimes need to be brought along to pick-up or drop-off patients. We discourage the use of electronics for entertainment unless they are using headphones. If your ride plans on waiting for the duration of your stay, please make other arrangements for younger children.
  • Your surgeon may or may not be available to speak with your family immediately following surgery if they are here.
  • A family member or friend may be allowed to see you in recovery approximately 30 – 45 minutes after your procedure. When you are getting ready to go home, they can help you with your discharge instructions.
  • Cell Phones, Food and Drink: For the courtesy of our patients waiting for surgery and visitors, we request that your turn your cell phone text tones and ringers off. If you need to have a conversation or need to smoke, eat or drink; please step outside. Remember it is very difficult for patients required to fast before surgery to see or smell food. The Bon Air Shopping Center is next door, if you wish to have a bite to eat or a walk. Bonair Website

Now I know first hand why patients rave about the care here. Thank you for your kind words and care.”