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Before My Surgery


  • Your doctor’s office may have notified you with your admission date and time of arrival at MSSC.  Normally this time does not change, however you should always follow the scheduled time that you are given on your pre-op call from our center.   Any changes will be verified with you.
  • Your doctor’s office may have also directed you to see your primary care physician for a pre-op evaluation, lab work, out patient tests, X-ray, and EKG.  Sometimes they request that you take special preps or meds pre-op.  Please follow these directions.
  • If you must cancel or delay your surgery or procedure, contact your doctor as soon as possible.  If you need to cancel the day of surgery, please call MSSC as well:  415-461-4400.
  • Take some time to read this information and discuss it with your family or friends.  In preparation for surgery, even though it is elective and may seem “minor”, it is always important to have a support system to call on if needed.
  • It is your responsibility to arrange in advance for a responsible adult to drive you home and to be with you the first 24 hours after surgery. You cannot drive yourself or be left alone if you have had general or spinal anesthesia or sedation.  We will ask you for your contact ride’s name and telephone, so that we can communicate with them about when you will be ready to go home.
  • Notify your physician before coming to the center if there is any change in your physical condition, such as flu, fever, infection, or an open sore – especially near your operative site.
  • Do not eat any solid food after midnight.  You may drink clear liquids up to 6 hours prior to surgery.  Clear liquids include any liquid that you can see through:  for example; water, juices without pulp, black coffee or tea without any creamer product.
  • Pick up any pre-prescribed post-op medications.